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May. 22nd, 2010

What is the website..

That you can find pupe items and see the average market price?

Jan. 21st, 2010

Can ya help me?

Does anyone know if there is a community on LJ or maybe a guide somewhere online to pigg.ameba.jp? I love the site but it's difficult for me since it's all in Japanese. ^^;

My doll : http://pupe.ameba.jp/profile/9g58OPMoJQAR/

Edit: Also, is there any other sites from ameba.jp? Other than pupe and pigg? Like have like dress up stuff or whatever? Not the blog. ^^

Jan. 16th, 2010

We lost.

We didn't win the bidding on the skirt.


This really sucks.. I was telling myself "whatever, you can find something else n__nb" but now without even realizing it I'm bawling. Like, the tears are just pouring out and it's really annoying.

Butterflies in my belly..

So, I got online right now to see that someone else had bid on the AP skirt of my dreams. There's about 30min left on it and I'm really worried I won't get it. My boyfriend bid on it again, and said to me not to worry that he will get it for me. But I'm still worried. This will be my first lolita piece, it's AP (awesome!), and a print I really like. If it's someone on here that's bidding on it.. Please stop. T.T Is my birthday present.. =Continues on with her nervous attack.-

Jan. 15th, 2010

Writer's Block: Time may change me ...

People often focus on the things they'd love to change about their lives. What parts of your life would you choose to keep exactly the same?

Who I am as a person! That is one thing I will never change. I love who I am, whether others do or not.

I lul'd.

»A s h e r says:
Wow. Banker is singing to me. Awkward.
✖☇ⓢⓟⓐⓝⓚ♫♬♪ says:
»A s h e r says:
✖☇ⓢⓟⓐⓝⓚ♫♬♪ says:
»A s h e r says:
Idk, she was like "I'm going to sing you a song!"
✖☇ⓢⓟⓐⓝⓚ♫♬♪ says:
»A s h e r says:
And she starts singing some foreign language song.
✖☇ⓢⓟⓐⓝⓚ♫♬♪ says:

More to be added? Rofl.

I'm so excited!

Today is the day my boyfriend buys the Miracle Candy skirt for me! I want to link to it but I'm super afraid someone will get to it before he does.. He's dropping his check off at the bank soon and then going to get it for me! So excited!!! >__< My first lolita piece, it's print I love AND IT'S AP!! I can't wait. @///@ I'll be crushed if someone else gets to it.. But let's not think about that!! ^^:

Jan. 13th, 2010

I feel big..

I'm a average sized girl, 5'1 and weigh 110 pounds. Not big at all. I just all hyped up about getting a Dreamy Doll House skirt from AP for a good prize for my birthday, thing is.. It's not gonna fit. My waist is 75cm, 31in - the skirt is 63~73cm. I looked on APs website and that's like the only size they have in everything. I know I'm not big but it kind of hurts that they only have these things to fit people so small. Is this really the way AP is or am I missing something? Guess I'll go with a replica or a Baby, since that's all I can fit into now.

Edit - I've seen girls twice my size in AP. So either I'm missing something or they alter them to fit?

Jan. 10th, 2010

G-Dragon, do me.

Holy shit, king of sexy.

Oshare kei hair, help!!

How in the world can I get my hair to look like this? Cut, dye, style. I know that much. But how should I get my hair cut? Where should Iget it died at, what should I use to style and how should I style it? I've been in love with hair like this for so long..

My hair -- http://i45.tinypic.com/o77jg3.jpg

What I want -- http://www.flickr.com/photos/pandakira/3051146043/

I'll be posting this on my journal page and probably to other communities to get as much help as possible, thanks!

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